Calum Wallis is an artist based in Dundee, Scotland. His practice is concerned with the autobiographical nature of drawing and the medium’s use as both preparatory and as a final artistic outcome. His drawings take the form of sketches, large works on canvas, stone lithographs and performative drawings.

Wallis’s work is usually conceived during trips in the wild, where he spends time living amongst nature – sitting, observing, photographing, drawing and sleeping. This immersive method allows all the sensory details of a place to contribute to the artwork in their own way.

Wallis believes that there are many ways of creating a drawing beyond simply putting to pencil paper, and is increasingly fascinated by the story that can be told by a drawn line. More recently he has been using the earth of his locations as the medium for his drawings, dragging large pieces of raw canvas across landscapes to imbue them with the very stuff of nature.

Besides drawings such as these, Wallis’s studio practice involves creating intricate and sculptural drawings of natural formations on oversized canvasses, giving his subject room to breathe and command the space in which it sits.

Here you will find a selection of these drawings in the form of sketches, prints and resolved works. You will also find photographs documenting walks, expeditions and wild camping trips spent in beautiful places.

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