I am an artist living in Dundee, Scotland. My practice is simply a love of making drawings, taking photographs and spending lots of time surrounded by nature.

My drawings are usually conceived during trips in the wild, where I spend time alone and in peaceful observation of the landscape; sitting, sketching, photographing and taking note of visual and sensory details as they are noticed.

Through these means I absorb and record as much of my surroundings as possible – the movement of air, the different textures and patterns visible, the sounds of animals and water. While spending time like this, a moment will present itself in which nature shows me something I hadn’t noticed at first glance. It might be sunlight illuminating rocks in a particular pattern, or a branch that bends and warps in a pleasing manner.

My drawings depict these small, specific details to try and preserve what I found so fascinating about that surface, that shadow or that formation.

Here you will find a selection of these drawings in the form of sketches, prints and resolved works. You will also find photographs documenting walks, expeditions and wild camping trips spent in beautiful places.

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