My artistic practice is a meeting place for all that I find fascinating in the world. Using the medium of drawing in many forms, I examine my relationship with the natural world and the manner in which humans interact with wonders both great and small.

Coming from the Scottish Highlands to study at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, I graduated in 2017, and since then have been working in Dundee. Throughout this time, I’ve been constantly working to expand my vocabulary in the growing field of drawing. I began by making representative landscapes, but have increasingly questioned the role of the landscape artist.

These questions have taken the form of performative drawings, in which a drawing surface is dragged through the landscape to create a semi-unconscious drawing dictated by the route I’ve chosen. A series of drawings, “86 Bricks” played with the role of photography and memory in our experience of the land. Working from photographs from a stretch of coastline, disconnected drawings were pieced together to form a new landscape of towering boulders and gnarled stone; a landscape twice removed from reality. In collaborative works with artist Rhona Jack I’ve created drawing machines, in which conditions are set for the forces of nature to make the artwork of their own accord.

My fascination with the landscape stems from my first love with drawing; the ancient and ageless rocks which have watched human civilisation come and go, changing their forms imperceptibly over millennia and holding the secrets of creation. Long hours have been spent poring over their minutiae and trying to pay homage to the timeless craft that went into creating these forms.

I hope this website holds something to bring you joy or fascination. Please feel free to write to me with questions or thoughts on rocks, rock bands, rock hammers, Edinburgh rock, Northern Rock or anything else.

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